Tips for Buyers

  1. Have your finances sorted and be pre-approved

    Before beginning the house hunting look into becoming a pre-approved buyer. Having this completed allows you to dive into the purchasing process knowing the maximum amount you are able to spend and saving you countless hours looking at properties that aren't in your price range. When purchasing a property this is also more favourable to property sellers.

  2. What are you specifically looking for?

    Know exactly what you are looking for. An easy way to do this is by making a list of features the ideal property must have; bedrooms, bathrooms, back yard, covered car port. At times you may have to compromise however it is important to know what you will not compromise on eg price or number of bedrooms etc.

  3. Investigate your neighbourhood

    Do you have a specific neighbourhood you are looking to purchase in? Driving by these suburbs at different times through the day and week will give you an insight to the neighbourhood. Is it close to schools, shops, your work? These are all questions to ask when purchasing a property. Many times buyers are let down by not doing their homework and purchasing the perfect home but one that is not in the right neighbourhood for them.

  4. Struggling to find the right property?

    You may be struggling to find the perfect property. This is where we can help as we have dedicated home finders ready to assist you. Provide us with your requirements and we will do the rest. Our home finders will target specific homes through a range of services including door knocking and targeted letters.

  5. Understand the paper work and costs of purchasing

    It is something that you cannot avoid when purchasing a property, paperwork! Understand it is a process and that there will be many pages to read either in your contract or loan documents. Ensure you read every document carefully before you sign and if you have any questions please ask us, your bank manager or conveyancer.

    Finances - there is not only your deposit and the actual purchase price of the property to pay. There are other costs to consider such as inspection reports, solicitor fees, stamp duty, etc. It is important to have these factored into your budget before you buy.

  6. Inspections

    If you have limited yourself to a few properties and are undecided, it can be a good idea to have a building inspection completed. An insight from a professional can give you an understanding as to whether the property is worth purchasing or not.


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