Why choose Saunders Property?

We will not charge ANYTHING for advertising

At Saunders Property Group you will NEVER be asked to pay a cent towards any kind of advertising. That’s what our commission is for.

It's that simple.

No Risk Selling

You will pay nothing until your home is happily sold.

This makes us work harder than other agents. We are so confident in our ability to sell your property, that we carry the risk and costs for you.  This guarantees that you will not lose money if you decide to remove your property from the market. You will not have to pay anything upfront, and nor will we ask you for anything more than your commission.

Modern Marketing

We have a member of our team who works closely with our sales consultants to ensure that your property is presented at it’s best to potential buyers. Our marketing is second to none. We have a state of the art website where potential buyers can receive customised e-alerts, they can fine-tune their search parameters as well as see all of the properties we have for sale. They can share also share your property via social media sites. We are active on facebook  and of course will feature your property on the top website portals such as realestate.com.au etc.  You will have definitely heard our ads on the radio. We also have a large in-house database of serious buyers, and with a rent-roll of 100+ properties, many of our landlords are looking to add to their investment portfolio.

Whenever someone is looking to buy a property on the north west coast – they WILL call Saunders Property Group.

Honest prices

When you ask us what we believe your house will sell for, we will tell you the truth. 

We will never raise that price, simply to persuade you to list your property with us.

Silent Auctions

When you have more than one buyer, how do you know if they are offering you their highest price, or just the price that is slightly higher than the other offer? With a silent auction, we do not reveal one buyers offer to a competing buyer. This means that each buyer must put in their TOP offer from the start by signing our Buyers Price Declaration. Often a buyer will go higher in this situation than they would during a live auction as they are not simply raising their offer in small increments.

Fair Go Fee

Prior to an offer being accepted, the sellers can vary the commission paid to us to an amount they feel is fair.  

This guarantee will be honoured wherever the seller can show that Saunders Property Group could have done more to obtain the best price possible for their property. We are confident offering you this guarantee in the knowledge that we always do our best for you, the seller.

Experts in Negotiation

Prior to becoming a licenced real estate agent, a potential sales consultant will  undertake a rigorous and extensive training period. They spend time training interstate, as well as here in Tasmania and are assigned an experienced agent to monitor them and help them every single day. Once they are licenced the training does not stop there. All the Saunders Property team regularly attend training seminars here and interstate as well as completing ongoing internal training. 

Our sales team have highly developed skills in negotiation and are able to negotiate with buyers to obtain the best possible price for your property in the current market.

Buyer Attraction

The Saunders Property office is geared towards attracting buyers and we are a well respected and highly recognised real estate agency in North West Tasmania. At any one time we can have up to 200 For Sale, Sold, For Rent and Rented signs in the marketplace.  We are constantly in the mind and the sight of the buyer; our office is in a central location with street frontage, our website is prominent, we are active on social media platforms and various real estate portals, as well as being well versed in all methods of e-marketing. Whilst so much marketing now is internet based, we have not forgotten the more traditional methods such as direct mail, print advertising (for the company only), phone calls and even door knocking. Every month we receive hundreds of enquiries into our office on properties we currently have for sale.  We are able to ensure that no matter where a buyer is located and whatever time-zone they are in, we will not miss their call. 

Longer Availabilty

Our sales consultants work longer days (including outside business hours) in order to maximize the amount of time they have to show your property to potential purchasers. By not having a specific time for Open Homes, we do not condense all inspections for your property into a 30 minute time slot once a week. We are able to take only SERIOUS buyers through your property, and at a time which is most convenient to them, ultimately resulting in the most conducive buying environment. Our telephone line is also open 24 hours a day where one of our team members will be able to take any queries regarding your property from potential buyers.

Investment Specialists

Are you an investor looking to sell? Many coastal properties are perfect for the investment purchaser.  They offer a good return and are priced relatively low.  To the interstate investor they are particularly attractive.  Our Investment Specialist Tim Saunders is the ideal person to assist you with any investment sale. He works predominantly with investment buyers and sellers and has an extensive database of investors who are always looking to add to their portfolios and is the sales consultant best placed to connect your property to these buyers. 

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