Modern Marketing

Did you know that 80% of home buyers and tenants find their property online?

We will market your property in such a way that it reflects this fact. And ... we won't charge you a cent for it. Sound good?


We have redesigned our website so potential buyers and tenants can receive customised e-alerts, they can fine-tune their search parameters as well as see all of the properties we have for sale or rent. They can also share your properties via social media sites. It is a fully responsive site, in that it will re-size automatically depending on the type of device it is being viewed on (smart phone, computer, tablet device etc)

Qualified Staff

We have a dedicated member of our staff who works closely with our sales consultants and property managers to ensure that your property is presented at it’s best.

Website Portals

We will advertise your property on the top website portals at no cost to you. You will see your property on, and (sales only) and more, as well as our own website. 

Radio Advertising

We have been running successful radio campaigns for years. There would be few people on the coast who have not heard the voice of Saunders Property coming though their radio. So many buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants come to us saying "I heard what you were saying on the radio and wow, that is so true!". We regularly voice our strong opinion against Vendor Paid Advertising, Public Auctions and Open Homes. Under no circumstances are these methods in the best interest of the client - whether they are the buyer, seller, tenant or landlord.

Newspaper Advertising

We believe wholeheartedly in advertising our company over individual properties. Buyers and tenants come to Saunders Property Group because they KNOW we have quality homes for sale and a wide range of rental properties. Buyers and tenants generally come to us with quite a specific type of property, location and price in mind.  When one of our team gives them the opportunity to see a property that matches all of their requirements but is in a slightly different suburb, or the perfect location comes up, but the house doesn't quite meet ALL of their requirements, what we see more often than not is the buyer or tenant falls in love with this 'unmatched' property. If we were to advertise your property in the newspaper, you would only attract a buyer who was specifically interested in your suburb, possibly your street, the price you have selected as well as the particulars of the property. Why would you only want to advertise to this buyer/tenant when advertising online can net you so many more potential buyers or tenants.

Social Media

We are active on facebook. Click here to find out more.

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